FIVEFOOTWAY is special to me.

The small blog to explore Asian cities was an idea that started from my naive school days and since then, it has brought me countless opportunities that I believe I would never have gotten if I had taken the well-trodden path of being a practicing architect.

Since 2007,  I have spent thousands of hours and dollars on the project – everything from writing text to writing code, and from designing the articles to designing the organizational structure, FFW have been an integral part of my career. Its history makes for an interesting read and I believe that I’ve learnt more from working on FFW than from school or any work that I’ve done so far. Through my work at FFW, I have collaborated, interviewed and met so many amazing people, some of whom have become part of my trusted network of peers and friends. In fact, I met my wife from giving a presentation about FFW – that’s how amazing this project has been.

However, ever since the editorial team of myself, Justin Zhuang, Rachel Koh and Mark De Winne decided to stop working on it at the end of 2012, FFW has been on a hiatus, broken only by the occasional post on the Facebook page. Saved drafts and untended archives collected digital dust. It was on life-support.

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time now and am more sure about it now than ever. After 7 glorious years, it is time to file away FIVEFOOTWAY for good. While it breaks my heart to draw the curtains on FFW, I know that it is the right thing to do.

I will eternally be indebted and grateful to the contributors, the extra pairs of hands offered to us from friends and acquaintances, the sponsors, the supporters, the readers and everyone who have helped to create and sustain FIVEFOOTWAY all these years.  I kept going because of all of you. And I will be telling stories about how FFW shaped my life to future generations and you will be a part of that story.

I will continue to explore cities professionally and personally, and I hope for you to continue walking on the five-foot ways and explore our cities.

With deepest gratitude and love,
Adib Jalal
on behalf of everyone who have shaped FIVEFOOTWAY (2007-2014)